Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We aim to be at the forefront within the industry in
safety & hygiene to promote the safety and wellbeing
of both passengers and our drivers.

Car Cleaning measures:

• All vehicles are fully cleaned and sanitised before each working day.

• After each journey vehicles are again be cleaned and sanitised.

• During the cleaning, drivers will ensure that all seats are cleaned, all touch points including door handles, interior handles, dashboards and headrests are sanitised.

“On the Road” measures:

• Face masks are worn by drivers unless medically exempt.

• All customers MUST wear facemasks on entering the vehicle. Customers under 11 years of age or with a medical exemption are excluded.

• All our vehicles will carry additional supplies of face masks and will have sanitising wipes.

• Customers are encouraged to place their own luggage into the boot areas.
Drivers will agree to carry out this task for customers if necessary.

Any customer presenting themselves for travel and showing signs of COVID-19 (persistent coughing, temperature etc.) will be refused access to the vehicle and encouraged not to travel.

Travelrunners Ltd is committed to ensuring the highest levels of safety. It is hoped by that by working together we can give our customers the confidence to travel. We try to ensure that our customers feel safe and secure about the journey ahead.

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